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Demmer AV Solutions is a group designed to meet the unique needs of ministries. Many churches do not have a full-time Technical Director on staff, which can present challenges in keeping up with maintenance, repairs and enhancements. This is where we come in.

If you anticipate needing an entirely new system or just want someone to improve the functionality of your microphones Demmer AV can help. With 15 years in the industry and having served Central Ohio’s churches for nearly ten of those years we have the expertise and experience to assist you with any audio, video or lighting system need.

Ken Demmer


About the Owner: Ken Demmer

Ken has been in the AV industry for over 15 years. His first training was in live sound engineering. Over time this bridged to the studio where he became proficient in post-audio editing. Throughout the years he has continued to expand his knowledge beyond audio systems alone. Ken installs and maintains professional grade lighting, projection and video systems and regularly consults ministries on their complex acoustical needs. A unique skill of Kens is the ability to coordinate multi channel wireless equipment. There are very few local resources with the ability to manage multiple frequencies, which is a must.

Originally from northeastern Ohio Ken relocated to Columbus in 2005. Nearly ten years later his focus remains on helping churches improve the quality of their sound and the technical skills of their people. Ken resides in Columbus with his wife and two children.

Audio Video

We don’t take pride in our ability to install the biggest AV systems in town. We take pride in our ability to listen to our clients’ goals and, in turn, work with them to design, install, and maintain the system that will best enable them to fulfill the mission set before them.

The foundation of a great AV system is the combination of quality equipment, a professional installation and comprehensive training. We design systems that allow you to experience the intimacy of worship and the joy of praise without the unnecessary distractions of malfunctioning equipment. We do this by asking questions and learning as much about your ministry as possible; not selling you an out of the box system that won’t meet your growing needs.

While keeping the big picture in mind while we also work with you on considerations such as acoustics, electrical needs, aesthetics, safety, operators' experience, and the budgets are all important to any system. We address all of these elements through experience and asking the right questions. We deal with many of today’s largest manufacturers. This allows us to find the appropriate components to meet your individual budget.

The message is crucial; together we’ll make sure it’s heard. Our audio systems are designed to reproduce a sound that is clear, crisp, and natural. This means that the spoken word is to be understood and understandable with out unintended audible distractions.


From to projection screens to live streaming, video can been an intricate part of worship. Today ministries of all sizes can benefit from the digital tool available. It once took an entire room to produce a video now most youth group student can create full edited videos on they’re laptops.

Today with the advance in LED technology-incorporating lighting in worship is easier than ever. Whether it’s as simple as a few par cans to multi-universe LED matrix we can help.


One of the most important aspects or your system is the people running it. We offer hands on training specific to your system.

Our knowledge is not ours to keep. We offer basic and advanced technical training aimed at both enhancing your experienced technicians’ skills as well as bringing new volunteers or employees up to speed.

Maintenance &

Many ministries have adequate equipment but it may not be installed the optimal way for their needs. We can help make sure you’re your existing investment is working best for you.

Demmer AV Solutions does precisely what our name implies: we find solutions to your AV problems. But why start at the point of the problem when there are so many audio-visual issues can be prevented? We’ve successfully saved clients thousands of dollars with our in-depth preventative maintenance program. While it may seem like we are checking microphones and changing batteries what we are actually doing is preventing problems before they start.



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